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Shanghai Hong Sheng Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a research, design, manufacture and sale of an integrated enterprise. Mainly for the production of enterprises to provide comprehensive equipment and technology solutions to provide chemical equipment design, manufacture, chemical non-standard equipment and complete sets of equipment production line customization. Shanghai Hongsheng company to science and technology-oriented, quality assurance, to the credibility of development, the company and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, Shanghai Fudan University, Shanghai Chemical Equipment Research Institute and other research institutions of experts and professors, close cooperation , In equipment research and development, manufacturing and other aspects have achieved good results. After years of development, is now available for the coatings, inks, adhesives, resins, lubricants, chemical additives, detergents and flavors and fragrances and other industries to provide equipment and construction services. The company provides the following services to customers: dispersing equipment, wet grinding equipment, high shear emulsification equipment and emulsifying pump, mixing equipment, filling and packaging equipment, reaction kettle, all kinds of atmospheric pressure vessel and one or two types of pressure vessels, Equipment and non-standard chemical production lines, and to ensure that the company's products and services to maintain industry-leading standards. The company mainly R & D, design and manufacture all types of emulsification machines, coating equipment, cosmetic equipment, pressure vessels, non-standard equipment. Shanghai Hong Sheng has perfect R & D, production, sales, customer service system, according to customer requirements tailored to provide you with optimal design, technical services, technology development, technical advice, equipment installation and commissioning series of services.

The introduction of foreign technology companies to produce a series of high-shear emulsifier, after years of practice and improve the performance of stable and reliable, the majority of users have been recognized and praised the company in advance to create well-known brand innovation, to provide users with more and more Good equipment. (Widely used in chemical industry, food, coatings, nano-materials, bio-medicine and other industries).

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