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Mixing Unit of SK Static Mixer
Time:2019/2/15 11:00:59 Read:2398

Static mixer is a kind of high efficiency equipment which makes material move through external energy without power. By fixing the mixing unit in the pipe, the two or more streams of fluid can be impacted, cut, rotated and mixed, so as to achieve good dispersion and full mixing between the fluids. The mixing unit of SK static mixer is composed of spiral plates with twisted left and right holes. It is suitable for mixing, reaction, extraction, absorption, injection moulding, color matching and heat transfer processes in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, fine processing, plastics, environmental protection, synthetic fibers, mining and other departments.
The rotation direction of the screw has no direct relationship with the mixing effect. Whether the initial screw is left-handed or right-handed, the mixing effect can be achieved as long as the length of the mixer meets the requirements and the number of mixing units is sufficient.

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