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Maintenance, repair and after-sales service of colloid mill
Time:2019/2/14 8:51:54 Read:2310

1. Colloidal mill is a high-precision machine with a linear speed of up to 20m/s and minimal disc clearance. After repairing, the coaxiality error between the shell and the spindle must be corrected by a percentile meter less than 0.05 mm.
2. When repairing the machine, during the process of disassembly, assembly and adjustment, it is absolutely forbidden to strike directly with an iron clock. Apply a wooden hammer or cushion block to tap lightly to avoid damaging parts.
3. This confidential seal is classified into static and dynamic seals. Static seal adopts O rubber ring and dynamic seal adopts rigid mechanical combined seal. It is found that scratches on hard sealing surface should be repaired immediately by grinding on flat glass or flat casting. The best abrasive is (> 200 # silicon carbide abrasive paste). If the seal is damaged or cracked seriously, please replace it immediately.
4. Periodic maintenance should be carried out as appropriate according to the processing materials.
5. For the maintenance and use of motors, please refer to the instructions for the use of motors.
6. The vast majority of random spare parts are standard parts of national standards, ministries and bureaus, which are purchased all over the country.
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