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Colloidal Mill Exit Inspection Items
Time:2019/2/13 8:28:51 Read:2464

1. Each colloid mill shall be inspected by the inspection department of the manufacturer and be certified before it can leave the factory.
2. Before each colloid mill leaves the factory, no-load test must be carried out at rated speed for 30 minutes. The product should meet the following requirements.
1. The machine runs normally and smoothly. No abnormal sound is allowed. The control device is flexible and reliable.
2. No loosening of connectors or fasteners shall occur.
3. The products produced in batches shall be tested at least twice a year according to JB/T9820.3. The results shall conform to the regulations.
4. When accepting and accepting products, the ordering unit shall carry out acceptance according to this standard. If it is not up to standard, it should be repaired by the manufacturer and submitted for acceptance again.
Under the condition that the user complies with the instructions for the use of the mixer specified by the manufacturer, the manufacturer shall guarantee repair, replacement and return if damage occurs due to poor manufacturing quality within one year from the date of purchase.
5. The quality of paint coating should be inspected according to JB/T?5673.
3. Marking, Packaging, Transportation and Custody
1. Each colloid mill shall fix the product label in a clear position, and the label shall conform to the regulations. The label shall indicate the following contents:
A) name of manufacturer; b) product name and model c) speed; d) throughput; e) motor power; f) machine weight g) manufacturing number; h) factory date.
2. The direction of rotation of the rotor is marked by a red arrow at the obvious position of the casing.
3. Colloidal mill should be packaged out of the factory. Packaging should be easy to transport and ensure that the product is not damaged.
4. The accessories (spare parts and tools) supplied with the products should be complete.
5. Each product shall be accompanied by the following documents:
A) packing list;
B) Qualification certificate for product quality inspection;
C) Instructions for the use of products;
D) User opinion questionnaire.
6. All documents are sealed in plastic bags and fixed in boxes.
7. Colloidal mill should be stored in the facilities of moistureproof and rainproof.
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