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Basket grinder
Time:2019/2/5 16:51:39 Read:2345

Basket grinder is widely used in the fields of medicine, chemical industry, paint and other industries. Because the basket grinder can be used to proportioning and grinding cylinder dispersion, there is no conveyor pump and pipeline, easy to clean, suitable for small batch, multi-variety production. Pre-dispersion and grinding can be accomplished in a paint slurry tank. The spindle can adjust speed, run smoothly, have low noise, less accessory equipment, easy cleaning and easy replacement of grinding media. Grinding can be cooled or heated according to different formulations, which can control the temperature of the product very well. Pumping and centrifugal force of the mixing slurry and the dispersing basket ensure that the grinding medium does not flow backwards. During grinding, the grinding condition of materials can be sampled and checked at any time, so the adjustment or addition of other ingredients can be completed without stopping the machine. For mass production, basket grinder is not recommended. The main reason is that the grinding time is long, the dead angle is many, and the efficiency is not high.
At present, many countries in the world have dispersed grinding equipment manufacturers in the manufacture and sale of basket grinding machine. The structure of the basket grinder is also different from that of the manufacturer.
(1) As a precision grinding equipment, before grinding with basket grinder, it needs to be pre-dispersed by high-speed disperser before grinding with basket grinder. At present, this kind of basket grinder is also being improved to meet the requirements of integration of dispersed grinding.
(2) An integrated basket grinder for dispersed grinding does not need a high-speed disperser to pre-disperse, but realizes the two processes of dispersing and grinding by one machine and one process of the basket grinder. It is of positive significance to simplify the process and improve the efficiency.
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