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Operators should develop good operating habits
Time:2019/2/12 9:31:19 Read:2291

In daily management, we require maintenance personnel to inspect on time, every two hours. Operators only inspect the process index. They don't pay too much attention to the operation of equipment. The problems in the operation of emulsifier and fine grinding pump are handled by maintenance personnel. Pre-job training for operators is only a passing pass for equipment maintenance, especially for some small production units, this phenomenon is more common, many operators only know how to operate and do not know how to maintain. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the start-up, normal operation and shutdown of operators. Several problems should be paid attention to in several processes to avoid equipment failure due to improper operation. Start-up, emulsifier, emulsifier pump, grinding pump and so on must first open cooling water to ensure that the mechanical seal will not burn out due to water shortage, and then turn around to ensure that the stator of high-shear emulsifier and fine grinding pump will not be stuck or reversed; during operation, attention should be paid to abnormal noise to prevent hard impurities such as iron from entering the working chamber and damaging the equipment; after shutdown, the emulsifier and grinding pump must be turned on. The working chamber is cleaned and the residual material is avoided to become rigid, which leads to the blockage of the rotating stator.
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