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The difference between diesel and heavy oil emulsification
Time:2019/2/12 9:33:09 Read:2258

Diesel and heavy oil are important fuels, but their effects are different because of their different properties. Heavy oil is the final remaining heavy oil in the refining process. It has high viscosity, many impurities, and is generally viscous black. Diesel fuel has low viscosity and good fluidity. Through the emulsification process, the properties of diesel and heavy oil are changed and their combustion performance is improved. Diesel and heavy oil are emulsified by the action of a high shear emulsifier. There are many differences:
1. Different emulsifiers. Due to the different chemical structures of diesel and heavy oil, the emulsifiers used are different.
2. Different emulsification conditions. Diesel emulsification does not require heating, it can be carried out at room temperature, and the process is simple; heavy oil emulsification requires heating to lower the viscosity and make it have a certain fluidity.
3. Different emulsification equipment configurations. Heavy oil emulsification equipment requires a heating device, while diesel oil does not.
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