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Silicone oil emulsification
Time:2019/2/12 9:39:17 Read:2374

Emulsified silicone oily white viscous liquid, soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons. In addition, the emulsified silicone oil has excellent chemical stability, heat and cold resistance, weather resistance, lubricity, water repellency and low surface tension, and is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, making it widely used in personal care, food production, fermentation industry, etc. Wait. Can be used in hair care products, leather brighteners, automotive, furniture, flooring, metal processing, polyurethane, plastic, rubber, glass, ceramics, stone, textile, paper, wood and other industries, demoulding, glazing, plastic film Anti-sticking, metal rust, shampoo soft combing additives, cleaning and waterproofing, and defoamers for waterborne coatings. Emulsifying the silicone oil into an emulsified silicone oil with an emulsifier, that is, it can be mutually miscible with water in any ratio, and functions as a mold release. Silicone oil generally refers to a linear silicone product that remains in a liquid state at room temperature. Generally divided into methyl silicone oil and modified silicone oil. The most commonly used silicone oil-methyl silicone oil, also known as ordinary silicone oil, has all of its organic groups methyl. The methyl silicone oil has good chemical stability, insulation and good hydrophobic properties. It is obtained by hydrolysis of dimethyldichlorosilane with water to obtain a polycondensation ring, and the ring body is obtained by cracking and rectifying to obtain a low ring body, and then the ring body, the heading agent and the catalyst are put together to be condensed to obtain each. A mixture of different degrees of polymerization can be obtained by removing low boilers by distillation under reduced pressure. The stirring speed of the silicone oil emulsification process determines the emulsification of the silicone oil. The high shear homogeneous emulsifier can uniformly disperse the oil phase in the aqueous phase with fine particles. The emulsification temperature has an optimum point, too high or too low. Either the emulsification performance is not guaranteed. When the temperature is low, the emulsifier cannot be completely dissolved, and it cannot fully participate in the interaction between water and oil. When the temperature is high, the particle size is too large and the water solubility is deteriorated. The emulsification time should not be too short, otherwise the emulsion will be rough. The emulsified silicone oil should be stored under slightly acidic conditions, and the pH value is preferably 6. The Shanghai Hongsheng Emulsifier can ensure the speed, fineness and stability required for the emulsification of the silicone oil.

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