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Selection factors of static mixer
Time:2019/1/25 10:27:22 Read:2126

The selection of static mixer generally depends on the physical properties of the mixing medium (such as viscosity, particle size, solid content, reaction speed, working temperature and pressure, etc.). SK, SX and SV are commonly used. Because of their good mixing performance, they are widely used in mixing of vapor-liquid, liquid-liquid and liquid-solid states, such as blending oil, light oil mixing, spice emulsification, chemical reaction, etc. But the pressure drop of SV system is large. SK static mixer, because of its small resistance drop and good mixing performance, is widely used in mixing heavy oil with water, large particles, high viscosity and solid content. SX type is generally used in medium viscous media, its mixing is uniform, mixing speed is fast, the effect is better.
Due to the different process, the requirements will be different. Therefore, in the selection, according to different requirements, flexible selection. For example, SK type is generally used for systems with high medium viscosity, SX type is selected for mixing performance, and some sizes (diameter) can be enlarged appropriately when SV type is selected.
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