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The Principle of Emulsifying by Homogeneous Emulsifier
Time:2019/1/23 9:29:03 Read:2168

Under the action of homogeneous emulsifier, one or more phases of liquid are sheared and emulsified into fine particles. In the role of surfactant, the phenomenon that two or more non-aqueous solvents which could not be mixed together is called emulsification, and the surfactant with emulsification is called emulsifier. Because of the hydrophilic and hydrophilic properties of surfactants, they are adsorbed and enriched on the oil-water interface, which reduces the interfacial tension and changes the interfacial state, so that the two liquids, oil and water, which could not be mixed together, can be mixed together. One or more phase liquids disperse in the other phase in the form of emulsions in the form of particles, thus achieving oil-water non-stratification and long-term stability. The effect of existence

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