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Notices for Application of Emulsifier in Coatings Production
Time:2019/1/21 8:57:41 Read:2180

Emulsifier is widely used in chemical industry, daily chemical products, medicine and other fields, and its effect is remarkable. It is also widely used in coatings. Almost every kind of coatings can see examples of emulsifier application. Shanghai high shear emulsifier can be used as main production equipment in water-borne latex paint, water-borne wood paint, oily paint, waterproof paint, polyurethane paint, steel paint, fluorocarbon paint, pigments, dyes, ink, etc. In the application of these coatings, we should know that the emulsifier used in that production link, can not be used blindly, otherwise it will be counterproductive, resulting in unnecessary waste. Generally speaking, the application of emulsification machine coating production in the pre mixing, dispersing and grinding stage is quite ideal. After these stages, the emulsion should be added. If the emulsion machine is used for high-speed mixing and mixing, the property of the coating will be destroyed, and the phenomenon of demulsification will occur, and the coating will become like the state of bean curd residue. Therefore, when using high shear emulsifier, we must pay attention to the process and steps of emulsifier application.
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