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Combination of static mixer and pipeline emulsifying machine
Time:2018/11/29 10:23:39 Read:10048

The pipeline emulsifier, also known as the emulsification pump, is homogeneous, mixed and grinding, so it is called homogeneous emulsifier and high shear mixed emulsifier. The principle is to make the material compelling, emulsified, lapping and mixing by high speed relative moving stator. The material is fine and mixed through the pipeline emulsion. Uniform.
The static mixer is also called the pipe mixer. There are different components in the pipe. The different material enters the static mixer at the same time and mixed in the pipe. The common pipe mixer is SK, SV and SX. The static mixer of different types should be selected according to the material characteristics.
The combination of static mixer and emulsion pump can be as follows:
1. The static mixer is installed in the front part of the emulsion pump. Before the material enters the emulsion pump, the material needs to be premixed initially to form a mixture. When the emulsion pump enters the emulsion pump, the materials of various components will be relatively uniform, and the material will be homogenized and emulsified in the cavity of the pipeline emulsion. If the static mixer is adopted before the inlet of the emulsion pump, the inlet of the static mixer is used in the three or four way feeding mode, and the different material enters the pipe mixer at the same time. The material is mixed evenly through the mixing unit in the pipe mixer, and then the pipeline emulsifier is homogenized, mixed and emulsified. . Such a configuration can save the reaction vessel and other mixed containers in the front of the process, reduce one process and improve the production efficiency.
2. The static mixer is installed at the exit section of the emulsion pump. After the emulsion is emulsified, different materials will have different reunion and crystallization in different degrees. So in order to reduce the agglomeration and crystallization, the material can be passed through the pipe mixer again. The material can be emulsified and mixed again. This can effectively improve the emulsification effect.
3. Static mixer is installed in the front part of the pipeline emulsifier and the back section of the emulsion pump outlet. This installation method combines the advantages of the above two processes.

The combination of the above pipeline emulsifying machines and static mixers is a classic way in practical application.

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